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Portraits & Theatre

Rosalind Furlong Photography

I love taking portraits. Not just headshots (although I love that too) but taking a proper portrait of someone, that could hang on a wall, that has artistic quality, that shows the person for who they really are. The sort of portrait that could be used in a magazine article about you.

I’ve twice been one of the winners of Portrait of Britain, a national competition that showcases the diversity of the British population through photography.


The winning entries are displayed on JC Decaux advertising screens around the country and published in a book. You can take portraits of people at any age but I think older people often make the best subjects. They know who they are and what they do, they have become individuals who don’t follow the herd. If you know someone who should be photographed, perhaps to celebrate their retirement, a special age, an anniversary or just because everyone should have a decent photograph of themselves, then please get in touch. I aim to make heirloom quality portraits that will stand the test of time.

I also take publicity photographs for theatre companies. In a way these are the complete opposite of portraits in that the actor in the photograph is representing someone else, usually someone who doesn’t exist. But the technique is the same, I am trying to represent the character of the role in the same way as I would a real person. I love working with actors as they are used to being looked at, and have great facial expressions. Generally they come to me in my studio in South West London along with the director and/or producer and we develop ideas, sometimes using fairly complicated lighting, until we come up with something that works. These are often my most fun, interesting and creative shoots and I love doing them. My clients often say that my imagery often gets published, in regional, national and international newspapers and websites, helping to spread the word about their productions. My photos are also used for posters.


Please get in touch if I can help you celebrate someone or help with a theatre production.


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