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Corporate & Branding

Rosalind Furlong Photography

Do you struggle with marketing? Let's face it, most of us want to be doing our actual work, not constantly worrying about finding the next client, but we all have to market our services. I help small business owners with their imagery which they can use for their website or on social media to attract the right type of client.  I also do lookbook photos of products on models. 

If you're in business then it's absolutely vital to make sure you are visible. People buy people and clients want to know you look friendly and trustworthy. They want to see you in your business, or perhaps behind the scenes, making something or interacting with a customer. If you want to look professional then professional photography is essential. Relying on stock images and smartphone photos just devalues your brand. Yes, maybe you have a pretty daughter you can photograph your latest fashion line on, but unless you know what you're doing with a camera and lighting, you won't be showcasing your products the best way. 

Photographs you see in magazines are all taken with expert lighting and have had a lot of post production to give them a professional polish. I know how to do both of those things. I understand light and I have spent countless hours both retouching and learning new retouching techniques so I can make your photos, and your products or business, look even better. It’s not just a case of running a photo through an Instagram filter.

I have a wide variety of lenses, including macro lenses, so I can photograph jewellery close up on a model, or other products close up in a way you simply can't achieve with a smartphone. I can work both in my home studio in South West London, after which we can go out and about on Wandsworth Common or surroundings for location shots, or I can come to you and photograph you at your business premises or whichever location you think would showcase you and your products or services well.

If I can help your business in any way, please get in touch.


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