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Children, Teenagers & Families

Rosalind Furlong Photography

Go to a country house and what do you see on the walls? Family portraits going back centuries. Well, if it’s good enough for those aristocratic families it’s good enough for you! Photographing your family is the only way to stop time. Photographs are a time capsules into the past.


It’s impossible to talk about photographing children without using the age-old cliché about how quickly they grow. But it’s so true. My children are now getting to the end of their teens, and yet their baby years seem so recent. They change so quickly and sometimes it’s hard to remember what they were like before they lost their baby teeth, or shot up in adolescence. The only way to keep a part of them as they were is through images. And don’t just rely on your phone. Maybe some new technology will come along that will make your phone photos obsolete.


Be proud of your family. You worked long and hard to bring your children up so celebrate them with large photos of them on your walls. If children see themselves in pictures on display they feel loved and connected with the family. They know they are an important member of the family and it boosts their self-esteem. If they’re in a blended family they will feel a stronger connection to their new siblings. I currently have four beautiful large photos of my children on the walls of my house. I like to think these will be on the walls of their houses when they are old and wrinkled so their grandchildren can see what they looked like when they were young.

I photograph children and families both in my studio in South West London, if you want a classic look, or out on location if you want something with a bit more background interest. I am obsessed with good lighting and use natural light and flash both inside and outside. The woods of Wandsworth Common are right behind my house so we can combine outdoors and studio in one session. And I am very happy to travel to locations in and around South and South West London, Central London and Surrey. I can photograph you in your home or in a favourite outdoor space.

Rosalind Furlong Photography

I adore children of all ages. I recently finished a project photographing all the children in my daughter’s primary school year group once they’d turned 18 and combining them with the photos I had taken of them when they were 11. Some of the photos were shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Competition. I am DBS checked and for the last few years have been helping children at a local primary school with their reading.


Even if you don’t choose me, do get your children photographed professionally. In years to come those photographs will become among your most treasured possessions and, one day, your children’s too.


I prefer to sell my images as wall art because I strongly believe that photography belongs on paper and on display. I have used a number of labs around the country to process and frame my work and over time I have reduced the number I work with to what I consider the two best, which I trust to print and frame your photographs to museum quality. I do however recognise that some people just want digitals and so I have digital packages too.


Please get in touch for more information.


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