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Rosalind Furlong Photography

I adore dogs. I grew up with an Old English Sheepdog and then my parents adopted a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy the week before I started Uni (I know right?) But disaster struck when I had my children because my daughter is badly allergic to dogs (including the hypoallergenic ones) and my son is badly allergic to cats (we had one until 2017 and when he died my sons’ asthma miraculously stopped.) My son is also allergic to dogs and my daughter to cats. So we are a pet free household. But that doesn’t stop me loving dogs (I also love cats!) In fact I’m not sure I know anyone who loves them more than I do, so you can imagine how I feel not being able to have one.


That’s why I decided to photograph them. It means I get to spend quality time with other people’s dogs and get paid for it! What’s not to like? Photographing dogs is a slightly random experience. You never really know how a dog is going to react. I use both natural light and flash and most dogs don’t mind the flash but you get the occasional one that does.The person doing most of the work is the owner as they’re the ones that need to wave treats in front of the dog’s nose to get it to look vaguely in the direction of the camera. Obviously the better trained the dog is, the easier the session will be. But I can also photograph dogs with their owners which generally makes for a calmer and easier photo shoot.

I particularly love puppies (no surprise there) and often find them easier than adult dogs as they seem even more obsessed by tasty treats. I can photograph dogs either in my home studio in South West London or out on nearby Wandsworth Common, or if easier I can go to a client’s house or place that they love.


I photograph dogs only occasionally and do it mainly to meet the dogs, so my rates are lower than for people. Please get in touch if you want to find out more. I am particularly interested in unusual breeds (sorry cockapoos!) that will enhance my portfolio - if you own a Samoyed or Afghan Hound or similar, please get in touch.


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