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Rosalind Furlong Photography

“I love having my photograph taken” said nobody ever. Pretty much everyone who stands in front of my camera says they hate having their photo taken (apart from my daughter who’s been browbeaten into submission over the years). It makes no difference what you look like. Often the ones that protest the most are the best looking. Women generally say they hate it more than men do, although many of those aren’t very keen either. I get it - it’s undoubtedly weird standing there trying to look normal while feeling anything but normal, while someone is staring at you through a camera lens. But I absolutely love taking people’s photos and I love it because it’s a great way to get to know someone. We chat, we have a laugh, I find out about you, I’ll ask you about your photographic insecurities and a lot about your job and how you want to come across. I’m a people person and it’s why I specialise in portrait and headshot photography, rather than products or events. I love getting to know the person I’m photographing. I want you to leave feeling like we’re new best friends.


Most of my clients leave my studio saying they’re surprised at how much they enjoyed the experience. If I haven’t managed to relax you, make you feel at ease in front of my camera, then I’ve failed. The technical part of portrait photography - the lighting and the camera settings - is only a side-issue. Yes they’re important as you can’t take great photos without understanding how light works and what makes beautiful lighting, but having a connection with your subject is what makes or breaks a headshot or business portrait.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get professional headshots done. If you want to come across as professional you absolutely won’t if you have a headshot that was taken with a mobile phone. I so often see beautiful and expensive websites showcasing what looks like a highly successful business and then the effect is ruined with a rubbish photo, taken on holiday or in the street by a mate. Possibly worse are websites which don’t show the person at all. People buy people - they want to know you look trustworthy. If you don’t have a photograph of yourself people might wonder if you’re trying to hide something.


Rosalind Photography

I work both in my home studio, where I use both natural light and studio strobes (flash), and on location, where again I use both natural light and also sometimes portable flash. If you come to me at my home studio in South West London, then we can go out into the woods on Wandsworth Common behind my house. I also go to offices where I either photograph people in their surroundings, or set up a portable studio and photograph work teams. It’s not like your school photos where you are told to grin at the camera and then you only have two shots taken. Even if I have a load of people to get through I like to spend some time getting to know each and trying to make them feel at ease. And then I photograph them from several angles so we can work out which everyone’s best side is. I also do personal branding where I photograph clients in their work environment so their clients can get an idea of what they do and who they are.


I retouch all my headshots and portraits so any distracting temporary blemishes or signs of a bad night’s sleep can be softened or eliminated. I won’t take thirty years off you because then you won’t look like you, but I will make you look like the very best version of yourself on the day you stood in front of my camera.


Please get in touch for more information and my pricing.


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