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Portrait & Business Photography in London

Hello! I’m Rosalind and I’m a portrait photographer based in Wandsworth Common, South West London. I photograph headshots and branding images, families and children. I also work with small businesses to create lookbook images and produce publicity and poster shots for theatre productions. I photograph dogs and especially puppies because I adore them, and in my spare time I photograph flowers using some specialist art lenses I’ve picked up over the years. My photos have been published in several books and many newspapers worldwide. I have twice been a winner of Portrait of Britain.


I strongly believe that everyone should have a good portrait, whether for their business, their children, or just to make themselves feel better. I work in both my home studio and on location, using natural light, studio flash or a mixture of the two. You can come to me, or I can come to you if you prefer, especially if you have a team that needs headshots or a business that needs images for a website. My approach to business, headshot and family photography is fairly similar. I’m not one of those photographers who takes photos of children running around screaming, I don’t do events or fly on the wall. I take pictures of people who know they are being photographed so I spend time on lighting and posing (I hate that word as it puts so many people off but it’s really about directing people stand and look in a way that’s the most flattering for them.) A lot of clients say that they want something natural - to me natural means a natural expression that doesn’t look forced and doesn’t make the subject look uncomfortable. I try not to say “smile” - the smile, if there is one, should come naturally; some people look better not smiling and that’s absolutely OK.


My aim is to make people look like the best version of themselves, so I’m obsessed by lighting and use post production to remove distractions and polish the images. My sessions are never hurried. I take the time to get to know you so I can find out how you wish to present yourself and allow as many changes of clothing and background as we need to get the best pictures.


Please take a look around my website and if you like what you see please get in touch.

Rosalind Furlong

My Photography Services

Lynn Parsons

I often need to have photographs taken for work. On the whole I find a photograph session more distressing than a visit to the dentist for root canal work, and the resulting photos, with alternative photographers on previous occasions over the years have left me feeling deflated for weeks afterwards and my confidence always takes a massive hit. 
A session with Rosalind Furlong is like no other I’ve previously experienced. It was so relaxing, we talked the whole time we were together about everything other than photos and we laughed.
Rosalind is gentle, with a magical touch and a brilliant eye. She is gifted at lighting and next time work calls me for a new photograph, I really look forward to going back to see her in her studio for an afternoon of fun. Rosalind’s enthusiasm to create the perfect picture is infectious.
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