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We live in a visual age. Photographs are everywhere and everyone is a photographer. So why would you employ me to take your or your family’s photos when you can just take a good shot on your smartphone? The answer is that I hope I can provide the photograph that you can’t take. Your iPhone may have a ‘studio portrait’ mode, but look closely and the photos look a bit fake. You can use a Snapchat filter to make yourself look twenty years younger, but I can use skilful lighting and careful retouching to make you look like the best version of yourself, now. 


The other question you might ask is why do you need a great photo of yourself or your kids? If you want to be taken seriously as a business person, have invested in a smart new website and then have a poor, amateur photo of yourself taken in terrible light you are simply devaluing your brand. If you’re looking for a new job and want to look professional, you need a professional looking photograph.


Childhood is a fleeting time. You will have lots of photos of your kids but do you ever print them out? Are they good enough to put up on the wall so that you can still look at them when your children have children of their own and remember how beautiful they were? Will any of your digital photos even survive format changes and the loss of your phone? I can give you gorgeous framed prints which will last through your children’s lifetimes and beyond.


I work both in my home studio near Wandsworth Common in South West London, and on location, using natural and studio flash light - whatever is best for the image I am trying to achieve. I primarily photograph individuals and families but I also work with small businesses and do publicity shots for theatre productions. I photograph flowers for fun and have included some of the images here. People often tell me I’m talented, but the honest truth is that after years of study and practise, I know how to take a good photograph and I know what a good photograph looks like. Please take a look around my website to see what I do, and if I can help to find and capture the best version of you, your children or dog, please get in touch.

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